About Us

Holy Shnikies is a Female Veteran owned and operated company.  Kandie is an Army veteran, former 88M (Motor Transport Driver) who served from 1988 to 1998 in both Active Duty and Ohio Army National Guard.  Jeff is Kandie’s husband and the artistic talent and IT guru behind Holy Shnikies. Jeff and Kandie have both extensive education and business backgrounds.  

Holy Shnikies started as a dream of Kandie’s approximately 10 years ago.  An avid shopper, Kandie wanted a shop that she sold goods named Holy Shnikies (mostly for shock factor).  Told no one would ever take it seriously, the idea stayed in the back of her mind.  Fate stepped in when, on a whim, Jeff stopped in at a print shop he and his mother worked with before and began assisting them with problem jobs and computer problems.  Jeff introduced the concept of a print business to Kandie and once Holy Shnikies was approved, she was all in. Jeff found the beginning of the business on Ebay: a Minolta C6500 printer in Wisconsin.  Jeff and Kandie found financing with a couple of investors, won the bid on the printer and picked it up in August of 2016.

The printer was housed in their house (living room to be exact) from August 2016 to Until May 2016.  During that time Jeff and Kandie began to learn the machine and other processes they wanted to have in the future store.   There were many hurdles to overcome, modifying the name of the business, paying all the permits, getting the 220 line installed in the house so the printer would run.  Fortunately, Jeff and Kandie had friends and relatives that believed in the business and stepped in when they needed them.

In February 2017 it became clear that the business was ready for a larger space and the search for a store front began.  Determined to stay in Madison County, and West Jefferson in particular, the search took several weeks, and several unexpected turns, until the space at 265 E Main St, West Jefferson, was shown to Jeff and Kandie. By April 2017, papers were signed to rent the space and the wait for renovations began.  Formerly a Laundromat, the space needed extensive renovation.  The space was ready for occupation by June 2017.

Holy Shnikies Printing and Designs LLC is committed to earning that exclamation from its’ customers each time they pick up their products.  From printing business cards or brochures to yard signs and school spirit gear; from our handmade items to the original art we display for purchase; we strive to make your experience with Holy Shnikies worthy of the name in an inclusive, judgment free environment.